Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program

The Little Blue Valley Sewer District’s (District) Pretreatment Program administers local, state, and federal regulations to control discharges of non-domestic wastewater from industrial users within its service area. The District’s Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) consists of two wastewater treatment plants (WWTP); the Atherton WWTP near the Missouri River and east of Highway 291 and the Middle Big Creek WWTP south of the City of Pleasant Hill. The Pretreatment Program administers and enforces the regulations in order to:

  • Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the POTW which will interfere with the treatment plant operations;
  • Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the POTW which will pass through the system, inadequately treated, into the receiving waters, the atmosphere, or otherwise be incompatible with the system;
  • Protect both the general public and POTW personnel who may be affected by wastewater and biosolids in the course of their employment;
  • To improve the opportunity to recycle and reclaim wastewaters and biosolids from the system;
  • To enable the City to comply with its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit conditions, biosolids use and disposal requirements, and any other Federal or State laws to which the POTW is subject;

Wastewater Treatment Plants are designed to treat typical household wastes and biodegradable commercial and industrial wastes at low to moderate concentrations. These same wastes at higher concentrations, as well as heavy metals and organic chemicals, can be detrimental to the biological treatment process and the environment. Industrial users which generate these types of wastewater streams are often required to install, operate, and adequately maintain wastewater pretreatment equipment to reduce the concentrations of pollutants to acceptable levels before discharge to the POTW.

The District’s Pretreatment Program protects the wastewater treatment process and helps keep treatment costs down by working with local businesses to minimize pollutant discharges. Activities of the District’s Pretreatment Program include the review of pretreatment designs, the issuance of permits, facility inspections, monitoring of facilities (wastewater sample collection), review of industry self-monitoring reports, and enforcement activities.

Downloadable Forms

Industrial User Discharge Permit Application (instructions at the end)

Industrial Waste Survey Form

Accidental Discharge or Spill Event Report

Dental Amalgam One Time Compliance Report